Epcon's Lease-To-Own Program

Epcon Realty, Inc. is very proud to offer, for a limited time only, a very special Lease-To-Own Program to qualified 12-month lessees who sign a Purchase Option Addendum within 30 days of signing their initial lease. There are no commitments or expenses to be made until you decide to exercise this option and buy your condominium! This program is only available to lessees of Epcon investment/owned homes and not those leased out by private owners.

The Lease-to-Own Program provides the opportunity to have a percentage of the first year's rent apply to the purchase of the leased Epcon condominium home.  Epcon Realty, Inc. determines the amount to be offered under the plan at initiation.

The lessee is to sign the Lease to Own Purchase Addendum that documents the 1-year start and end dates, the purchase price and the other details of the program. There are no commitments or expenses to be made by the lessee until you decide to exercise this option and buy your condominium!

The lessee may use their accumulated incentives towards any or all of allowable applications, such as:

  • Legally allowable closing costs
  • Prepaid monthly condominium fees
  • Legally allowable loan prepayments
  • Home improvements (such as new carpet, washer/dryer etc.)
  • Other, as allowable by lender and law

The lessee may elect at anytime to exercise their Lease-to-Own Addendum and purchase the condominium after the initial six (6) months of their 12 month lease agreement term without early lease termination penalty, provided they are in good standing with Epcon and wanting to immediately move forward on purchasing the home.  In this case the incentive will be prorated for the number of full months the lessee has lived in the Epcon condominium while under the Lease to Own Purchase Addendum.  For example, if the lessee elects to purchase their home after seven (7) full months, they will be entitled to 7/12’s of the program’s incentive amount.

If the lessee elects to renew their lease agreement without exercising their Purchase Option Addendum, the current Lease to Own Purchase Addendum will be terminated.  This Lease to Own program cannot be combined with any other Epcon Communities new home incentives if a tenant elects to purchase a Epcon “new” home rather than the home in which they are living/leasing.


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